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“How A Completely Self-Taught College Dropout Ignored Everything The So-Called Traffic ‘Experts’ Teach…And Stumbled On The ONE BIG SECRET To Quickly Sending Steady Streams of Laser-Targeted Traffic to ANY Website…Even If You Have Very Little Time, Money or Experience Driving Traffic!”

If this self-taught college dropout … who now gets paid ridiculous amounts of money by clients to produce traffic “on demand” (in some of the fiercest markets on the web) … cannot teach you some stunningly simple traffic strategies that are currently slaughtering his competition… in just 14 days … then he’ll immediately send you $896 in free gifts just for taking a look!

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Every component of the Real World Traffic program is designed to help you profitable drive laser-targeted traffic to your website or offers … and all while avoiding the outrageous costs and traps so prevalent online.Plus, the system helps you recognize and cash in many of the hidden and overlooked traffic opportunities available to you today — right now. All without massively expensive or risky methods typically recommended by most experts. Sometimes without even using a cent of your own money!Of course, we’ll never just give you information and then leave you wondering what to do next. As a member of Real World Traffic, you’ll get a steady stream of exclusive webinar briefings and alerts regarding WHEN the trends are changing.And I want to make darn sure that you get my urgent alerts on which traffic trends are working best – throughout this massive gold rush that’s happening all over the web.

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“Makes Traffic Generation So Much More Simple”

“Getting traffic to your website can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, Dave and Tom created an incredible resource that makes traffic generation so much more simple. They show you real-world examples with step-by-step videos showing you exactly how to get more people to your web site. Bottom line, if you have a web site, a membership to is not optional.. it’s a requirement!”
-Ryan Lee, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Coach

“They Are ‘The Go to Guys’ for Some Top Online Marketers”

“As the masterminds behind Real World Traffic, David Sinick and Tom Lambert have been the behind the scenes, “go to guys” for some top online marketers. They have solid (and safe) traffic generation tactics that actually work. Unlike many other “gurus” out there, the site focuses on legitimate, successful methods that won’t get you banned by the various search engines. This membership is such a no brainer because their information works. Increased traffic = increased sales, so as far as investments go, it is rock solid. Two thumbs up!”
-Tim Kerber, CEO – MemberGate Solutions Inc.

“Set Up My First Successful Facebook Campaign In 90 Minutes!”

“Real World Traffic works. Here’s what happened: I went through Real World Traffic’s Facebook section last night. I knew nothing Facebook ads before I started. Ninety minutes later, I set up my very first FB campaign. Then I went to bed because it was 4 AM. I woke up the next “morning” at 2PM, checked my FB stats and had already sent 172 clicks to my sales page for an average of $.13 a click! Unreal. If you’re on the fence right now, get off it. Stop messing around and get the Real World Traffic Experience. You can thank me later :)
-Alex Maroko,

“It’s An Outright STEAL!”

“Dave And Tom’s Experience running profitable Facebook ads, media buys and SEO campaigns is up there with anyone I know. I don’t know what he’s charging for this course but if it’s less then $2,000 it’s an outright steal!”
-Justin Goff, Internet Entrepreneur, Copywriter

“Our Traffic Increased by 400%!”

“The information presented by Dave and Tom at Real World Traffic is well laid out and easy to understand, even for a newbie like me. I immediately made the changes suggested by Dave and Tom and within 30 days of working with Real World Traffic, our traffic had increased by 400%!”
-Dana Wilde,

“4 Times More Sales … In Just a Few Days!”

“Tom and David – I can’t thank you both enough for everything I have learned from you. We went from 3-4 sales a week to 12-15 sales a week within just a few days of learning some of the traffic generating tactics from your site. In addition, our Facebook campaign is now operating at an entirely new level! Your site is great, is user friendly, and the information is extremely valuable. I would (and have) recommended your site to everyone I know that is looking to generate more leads and better quality traffic to their site. Thanks!”
-Alicia Streger

“Real World Traffic has completely changed my business.”

“Real World Traffic is exactly what it suggests… real world experts, strategies, and a practical guide to increasing your traffic. Real World Traffic has completely changed my business. Since applying the principles taught in RWT our traffic, leads, and bottom-line has exploded. I no longer have to waste time trying to find out “what works.” Now I just simply tap into RWT and create a marketing strategy, broken down into tasks. As long and I execute those tasks my traffic increases and business grows…”
-Dominic Siano, My Intents

“On The First Page Of Google!”

“Tom – Thanks so much for helping me out. After going through the SEO section of Real World Traffic, I was able to apply your strategies to my site, – and within 30 days my site was on the first page for high competition terms like ‘How To Lose Belly Fat’ and ‘Lose Belly Fat’! I’m beating out 2,710,000 other sites! Thanks so much!” -Marc Cohen,

“Working Less, Making More!”

“Running a promotions business used to be so much harder for me before Real World Traffic. Now, using the Facebook advertising techniques that I learned inside, I’m able to generate more buzz for my clients cheaply and effectively. I cannot thank you guys enough for making my job so much easier.” -Daniel Jeffers, Media Built

From: Tom Lambert

Real World Traffic

If you’ve ever suspected – like most good online marketers and entrepreneurs I know – that the single most important thing you can do for your business is to simply get more quality visitors to your site …

… then this is sure to be one of the most important websites you ever read.

I don’t need to tell you that when it comes to making money online … traffic is everything. However …

There’s Something the Traffic “Gurus” Don’t Tell You

I distinctly remember buying a “top rated” traffic course many years ago… from a pretty famous “guru” … and just getting extremely pissed off.

Because this teacher – and I use the term loosely – kept had designed his course with what I saw to be two HUGE flaws:

  1. His material assumed I had a huge budget and a lot of money to lose before I found something that “worked” … and …
  2. He was operating from theory – not real world experience in his own business, or driving traffic for others.

I mean, this was crazy. His customers weren’t just spending thousands of dollars on this material – they putting even more on the line to test his system … “hoping” it would work like the sales copy promised!

(Which it almost never did.)

Unfortunately, this led me to see a much bigger problem about the traffic industry overall – that many so-called teachers don’t want you to know  …

90%+ of All the Traffic Strategies Being Taught Online Were Developed YEARS Ago – And Don’t Work TODAY, With Real Money on the Line!

madmenAnd that’s just beyond stupid. I’m no “guru” but it doesn’t take a genius to see that this is just plain wrong.

Especially traffic is often expensive (if you screw it up) … and countless people are throwing their money away on outdated stuff.

Yet that’s where my good friend David Sinick comes in. He’s a college dropout … but that’s a good thing in his case – because the only reason he left school was that he was making so much money driving traffic that school seemed like a joke after that.

I first met David at an internet marketing event – I first noticed him because a bunch of people were huddled around him asking questions.

Some were prospective clients (who David kindly turned away) – others couldn’t afford his services, so they were trying to extract as much free information from him as possible.

davidsinickI walked closer and noticed that while physically he was not very imposing – kinda skinny, average height, and bit on the nerdy side – his traffic knowledge gave him both power and confidence. I mean that. It was enough to attract and command the attention of everyone he met at the seminar.

So finally, after waiting in line for nearly 30 minutes, I finally got to speak to him. I told him a bit about myself, and he agreed to have lunch with me …

The Lunch Meeting that Changed My Life

lunchmeetingwithdaveBeing in the traffic industry myself – with a successful company that already did design, SEO and other services for clients – I had a fairly good grasp of what was working online.

Still, I was stunned by the methodology that David was using.

It wasn’t just that he had a system – we all have systems – but David had a proprietary “platform” that gave him constant updates and highly detailed “traffic” trend reports all day, every day … including ANY changes that were taking place.

And I’m not just talking about SEO rules or Google’s PPC policies … it extended far beyond that into which kinds of headlines were working in certain niches, price points, advanced key words, bidding strategies, the list went on and on.

There was literally NOTHING that David wasn’t testing, tracking and optimizing on a daily basis.

Are you getting the picture? I don’t know about you … but I’ve met a LOT of experts – and still, I’d NEVER met anyone with his finger so continually on the pulse of the traffic world.

There was just one problem …

David Was So Focused on Making His Clients Rich He Forgot About Himself!

Maybe he was just too nice of a guy, not really sure, but one thing I instantly saw was that while David was making his clients fortunes with his elite strategies … and not a bad living for himself (often banking $20,000-30,000 in a variety of retainer fees) …

… he could have been making WAY MORE money on a personal level.

So we decided to forge a partnership.

I (along with my own team) would help streamline the client side of things – attracting even bigger and more profitable clients. While at the same time freeing up time for David to work on launching “side” businesses that made even more money.

Seemed like a good idea. But I expected it to take up to a year for the “side” businesses to truly become profitable.

After all, that’s how long it took me to build some of my previous online businesses. And this wasn’t going to be anywhere near full time for David or me.

Well, turns out I was wrong …

The First Website David “Tossed Up” Was Doing Five-Figures Per Month … Within the First 90 Days!

I was a bit shocked. You can see the screen shot of it’s growth right here:

earning screenshot proof

And believe it or not, that was just one of several “side” ventures David was able to get going in a very short amount of time.

While I was both stunned and pleasantly surprised … another part of me wondered if maybe this was a fluke.

It seemed to me that – IF David’s traffic methods and his systematic “finger on the pulse of the market” approach were truly universal – he would be able to teach it to others.

In other words – if it was really a big “secret” and monetizable, then others should be able to get very similar results.

With this idea in mind, we gathered a group of online marketers and business owners for a little experiment.

We called it “Real World Traffic” because we were sick of the all the supposed “new” traffic methods being hyped – only to find out they were just rehashed stuff from the past.

No – our focus was on producing real results for real people and businesses … using methods and strategies that were REALLY working online right now.

We Got This Group Together, Taught Them the System – And Within 60 Days 100% of Them Were Profitable!

You can see many of their comments along the right side of this page.

It was at this point that I knew we truly had something amazing. There was no denying it.

In fact, members of this initial test group were so blown away – they began to demand that David and I share the ENTIRE process with them. One client in particular, whose overall results and income had nearly quadrupled – offered to pay as much as $5,000 per month for the entire system.

So we began putting together the entire program with the mindset that if we were going to do it ourselves, we might as well take a few people along for the ride … and make some extra money in the process.

In that moment, the Real World Traffic program was born.

David and I almost immediately began holding exclusive webinars for the initial test group – along with friends and entrepreneurs that those individuals had invited in.

Over time, we added more and more videos, reports, webinars, audio sessions and more to the training – to make it one of the comprehensive (yet simple to use) traffic training programs available.

And no – we didn’t charge members $5,000 per month, as some had offered. (More on this in a moment).

Right now I need to explain something before we go any further …

What Makes Real World Traffic So Different from Everything Else

With so many traffic tools and information out there already – there’s no way that I ever wanted to create another “traffic course” … David neither.

Nope, the only way we would ever get involved in a program would be if it functioned more like a “service” … something that is alive and changing EXACTLY according to what’s happening online.

health food online proof screenshot

Until now, nobody’s done anything like this – and the only reason David and I were able to pull it off is because we were already doing this stuff for clients who paid us huge retainers … and in our own businesses.

With Real World Traffic – you get a proprietary “profit platform” that:

  • Is constantly changing and being updated – sometimes DAILY! – to reflect the evolution of the traffic industry …
  • Is fiercely tested with REAL MONEY online – absolutely no “theory” ever – to ensure you only get what’s really working … and …
  • Is personally delivered to YOU by two guys who make fortunes for clients AND run profitable online businesses …

Look. If you’re like most online marketers and business owners, you’ve been burned before with courses that didn’t work – and information that was clearly outdated.

Now, that money is gone with the wind. And we know that with each change in the way that Google or Yahoo works … or the way Facebook operates … or media … or any other form of traffic – you risk throwing money away by being in the dark.

This is really the ONE BIG SECRET to winning the traffic game. If you take anything from this page – it’s that you’ve got to stay current. This industry changes way too fast and those who don’t keep up get left behind.

Never settle for old or rehashed material from “experts” who are not fiercely and continuously testing their methods every single day.

Real World Traffic does the opposite of what’s normal in the industry. It gives you the most recently tested information you need to make money and KEEP making money, no matter how things change or evolve.

seo ranking proof

For the first time ever, you have access to a tool that moves just as quickly as the traffic industry does …

Real World Traffic Is Designed Entirely For YOU to Explode Your Traffic and Profits

This is NOT just another course or membership …

From the moment you login into the members area, you’ll find 98 core training audios and videos that act as:

  • Your complete “traffic primer” — designed to quickly give you the foundation you need to drive low-cost, yet highly-targeted traffic to virtually any website or offer.
  • Your income “compass” — pointing you towards the most profitable ways for you to monetize your traffic, no matter what niche or market you happen to be in.
  • Your own, personal B.S. detector — fearlessly exposing the wealth-destroying lies that the “gurus” … “hypesters” … and “experts” love to tell you, while delivering the unvarnished truth nobody else will.
  • Your industry “insider” — constantly scanning the markets to identify which traffic techniques you should avoid, which ones are working well, and which ones are most likely to explode your profits by leaps and bounds.

Bottom line: The Real World Traffic membership area is packed with nitty-gritty, practical, “do-this, do-that” lessons designed to explode your traffic … grow your profits … and increase your income so you can live well no matter what.

The training is broken up into the following key area and modules:

Module 1: The “Facebook Money” Module

facebook ads training


We’ve all seen the little ads on the right side of Facebook. But few people realize just how lucrative they can be.

I’ll tell you: Done right, Facebook ads can be an absolute goldmine. Often performing every traffic source by a factor of 3-to-1 or more!

And that’s partly because – despite it’s profitability – very few people understand how to effectively monetize Facebook ads. And that means that once you understand the keys to make them work – you often find yourself with little or no competition and stunning income potential.



You’ll discover things like:

  • Why Facebook’s 500 million+ users means you can target ANY kind of potential customer you want (remember, targeting often controls your response rate – and thus your bottom line profits and income) …
  • How to setup your first ad in 5 minutes or less
  • Hidden pockets of customers (that no one else is marketing to) that guarantee you revenue that’s free of competition …
  • Little-known bidding strategies that get you more clicks on your ads, and up to 700% better ROI on your traffic funnel …
  • The 3 types of customers you should avoid at all costs (this knowledge can save you a fortune in wasted traffic dollars!)
  • The science of getting .20 cent clicks (or less) – even when your competition is paying dollars!
  • How to “steal” your competitors best ads; we’ll show how to know when their ads are profitable, and how “one up” them to ensure yours are even better …

facebook ads optimized campaign
If you want to take advantage of the awesome, traffic-generating power of Facebook – there’s no need to buy a big $2,000 course that quickly becomes outdated. Our Facebook module is based on current tests and is constantly updated depending on what we discover.

Most importantly, it has everything you need to begin driving profitable Facebook traffic starting TODAY.

Module 2: The “PPC Profits” Module

complete adwords training

Collectively – we and our clients have spent well into seven-figures in Google Adwords in the last few years alone. (Sorry, we can’t disclose the exact number.) And that’s because it works. While it can be highly competitive – Adwords is still be far one of the most explosive traffic sources available to anyone.

The trick is making it work within your budget and target market – since the wrong information or process will lose your money in a hurry.

On the other hand, creating a winning Adwords campaign can unleash a flood of visitors, sales and profit for your business – probably faster any other method available.

That’s why we ALWAYS advise our students to at least test out Adwords, even they only have a little bit of money to spend – because the right campaign can literally produce enough income to change your life overnight. Especially when you have the right tools and processes – which we give you.

This module shows you …

  • The secret to getting HUGE discounts on your clicks – sometimes $7 keyword clicks for as low as .25 cents!
  • How to stay on top of Google’s rules – and never fall victim to the dreaded “Google Slap” that has literally put thousands of online business owners out of business …
  • Sneak little tricks for finding overlooked keywords that you can dominate (plus, the way we’ll show you how to do it keeps you very much under the radar) …
  • Powerful keyword tools that instantly help you separate the buyers from those who’ll just waste your money (PLUS, how to get those clicks for 1/5th the cost your competitors pay!)
  • How to create eye-catching ads that drive ONLY customers to your site (so you don’t waste a single cent on non-buyers)
  • A simple breakdown for how Google’s bidding system works – this is one of the biggest reasons why people FAIL with Adwords; a problem you’ll avoid in just 10-15 minutes …
  • Adword Diagnosis 101: How to quickly and accurate assess which part of your traffic funnel is killing your profitability; PLUS, the
  • Our “campaign setup” cheat sheet – helps get your ads online and tested for profitability as fast as humanly possible …
  • Our 1-2-3 ad-writing checklist – follow our proven formula for writing high-converting ads in a matter of minutes

adwords optimized campaign proof

And this is only just the beginning. Because we are constantly supervising high-paid PPC tests for a variety of clients, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

We never leave you out in the cold. You’ll urgent lessons and tips that you often won’t find in PPC programs that cost $1997 or more – for a fraction of the price.

Module 3: The “SEO Strategies” Module

complete seo course

While paid traffic is important, getting free traffic via good SEO is absolutely crucial for many online businesses. Some simply would not survive without it.

Yet SEO is also the most over-hyped and myth-ridden topics in all of internet marketing. And because of that, you see a never-ending stream of courses promising “the next big thing” – yet delivering little more than hype.

Truth is, 95% of your SEO results are determined by a small number of factors that largely stay the same over time. The rest – the other 5% — depend on factors that change all the time but don’t matter that much. (Ironically, that’s what most courses are based on.)

learn internet traffic screenshot

Real World Traffic is DIFFERENT. We show you exactly what you need to focus on – saving you time, and getting your site ranked for your money keywords.

The training covers things like:

  • How to find “under the radar” keywords that bring in buyers worth up to 10 times more than the “popular” ones …
  • The “95% rule” of SEO – learn the simple yet often-overlooked factors that influence the majority your success, in less than an hour …
  • A step-by-step blueprint for ethically “stealing” your competitors campaigns (this one thing will literally save you hundreds of hours of work) …
  • Unlimited access to our proprietary keyword research software & spreadsheets to double your output
  • Discover the “5 minute fix” that increased one member’s traffic by over 400% (and more than doubled her opt-in rate)
  • Advanced linking strategies to boost the quality of links coming to you multiply your rankings (do this right, and you can see results in a matter of days!)
  • Page Setup 101 … exactly how to setup your site properly the first time to achieve high rankings, quickly and easily
  • The A-Z SEO checklist – learn the top 8 factors in maximizing your on-page SEO; this ensures you never miss
  • The devious, yet totally legal way to “hack” Google search and find highly profitable linking opportunities
  • Article marketing secrets – how to create kick-ass articles that stick out from the crowd and get you hundreds of backlinks

There’s a lot more that I don’t even have room for here. The bottom line is that SEO is not rocket science – and don’t believe the hype – you don’t need any “magic.”

Once you get access to our simple yet effective strategies and tools – you’ll get the only thing that matters: RESULTS.

Ongoing Case Studies

(via Audio, Video and Email)

real world traffic case studiesAs mentioned earlier – the heart of the Real World Traffic program is keeping you updated on all the traffic techniques, trends and strategies are working in the real world, right now …

And nothing could be more vital to your business! While you need traffic, you simply cannot afford to waste time or money on things that don’t work.

Which is why David and I get together each month – and create audio, video or written reports that give you the full skinny on anything we discover in our tests and working in our own businesses.

You’ll get urgent traffic briefings that cover topics like …

  • Which niches are hot, which are not worth entering …
  • What kinds of offers work best …
  • Breakthrough campaigns that deliver ROI’s in excess 200% on every dollar spent …
  • The most lucrative “cheap click” opportunities we’re testing …
  • Competitive intelligence, spying and “ethical stealing” …
  • How to shorten your research time, yet accelerate your results …
  • Plus, many exclusive interviews with little-know insiders that don’t teach yet are killing it when it comes to results …
  • Rest assured that even though this aspect of the platform changes every month – the benefits and potential profits it brings you are steady and unlike anything else you’ve ever been a part of.

Last but not least, you’ll also get access to …

Our Exclusive Traffic Lounge

Hopefully, by now you see that Real World Traffic is more than just a bunch of information thrown together – like most online courses.

Rather, it’s a living, constantly-evolving program that gives you both techniques – AND constant live human interaction via our exerts and the overall community.

The community part is key, and it’s why we put a lot of time energy into our exclusive traffic lounge – we David and I personally spend time answering questions and facilitating discussions that help solve products and speed your learning curve.

You’ll learn a lot, you’ll feel like you’re part of the community, and most importantly – you’ll feel supported – as though you have a group of people you can turn to for support and answers.

We encourage you to post and become part of this dynamic group – you’ll find that it enhances your experience from the moment you become a member.

Activate Your Real World Traffic Membership Trial and Four Powerful Conversion Bonuses — a $896 Value — Absolutely FREE …

Okay, so you’re getting huge amounts of traffic to your site … then what?

Well, if you’re selling products or promoting affiliate offers – the answer is simple: You must CONVERT that traffic.

The better your conversion, the more money you’ll make – pure and simple.

That’s why we developed a whole set of bonuses designed to help you maximize your conversion rates … sometimes by as much as 1,000% or more!

Here they are …

Bonus #1:

Unless you’re aiming to become the next Google and Facebook, you must understand conversion. They go hand in hand – one feeds the other.

For instance, there are many types of traffic where your conversion rates determine how much traffic you can effectively get. And if your conversion sucks, you traffic will be a big fat ZERO.

That’s why we creating the bonus training that delivers virtually everything we’ve ever discovered about conversion in our millions of dollars in testing.

You’ll discover things like:

  • How we doubled a client’s landing page conversion (also doubling his sales and profits!) And the simple evaluation process you can use – which takes less than 15 minutes – to quickly fix the things that are ruining your conversion NOW …
  • Our proven step-by-step recipe for landing pages that’s never failed to perform well for clients (this one process often boosts conversion by 50% or more) …
  • 7 deadly conversion mistakes that could literally be costing you thousands of dollars each month – right now …
  • One 5-minute “tweak” that increased our clients opt-in rate by 46% …
  • Proven conversion secrets from some of the best copywriters of all time (we’ve studied the classics, pulled out the relevant stuff, and then applied it to present day situations and examples so that it’s useful for you) …
  • Our “never fail” landing page conversion checklist – 8 crucial elements to test on your landing pages that virtually ALWAYS influence your conversion …
  • High-converting design 101: Why sometimes how your page looks is more important than what you say – and how to make sure it’s designed for optimum conversion …

And more – LOTS more. Sold on it’s own, we’d charge at LEAST $299 for this. Yet it’s yours free from the moment you activate your membership.

Bonus #2:

It’s not enough that you know a bunch of powerful tips and tricks for boosting conversion – that will only take you so far.

This bonus helps take you to the next level and construct virtually any type of landing page – step-by-step – in a way that maximizes it’s conversion.

Whether it’s a squeeze page, sales letter or anything else – we’ll give you some killer processes and templates that make creating winning landing pages an absolute breeze.

You’ll discover:

  • The colors, fonts, and overall page layouts that can sometimes give you a 200-300% lift in response …
  • The secret to instantly getting (and KEEPING!) your target customer’s attention on every type of landing page …
  • The #1 mistake most people make when setting up their landing pages …
  • The easiest way to test and track your landing page’s performance (if you’re not doing this, it’s IF you’re flushing money down the drain – it’s a question of how much) …
  • How to leverage the same proven processes that copywriters who charge $15,000+ per project use to construct their landing pages …
  • The little-known tool we use to throw up successful landings in less than an hour!

And so much more.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never built a single landing before in your life … it doesn’t even matter if you had no idea what a landing page IS before this course – we’ll get you up to speed fast. And combined with your ability to drive traffic … you’ll be armed with the tools to control your sales and growth at almost unbelievable levels.  Sold separately, the price for this is $199.

Bonus #3:


Okay, this is more advanced stuff – but good copywriting is like taking your entire traffic-sales funnel and adding nitrous fuel. It literally explodes your results and key metrics across the board.

That’s why we called in a big favor with a top copywriter friend of ours – a guy who now charges a minimum of $15,000 per project – and is able to do so because his clients always make many, many times more than that.

Remember – sometimes your traffic strategy can be perfect. Your landing pages can be set up flawlessly. Yet, your copywriting message might be slightly off … and that one little thing prevents you from making money.

I’ve seen it happen. And I’ve also seen good copywriter turn a losing offer or sales funnel into a campaign that generated $21.3 million in just over a month!

Perhaps best of all, our mystery copywriter isn’t just going to share proven processes and templates for you to use – immediately – that prove why he’s one of the highest-paid copywriters on the web … he’s also going to allow you to submit your own landing pages or traffic funnels so that he can critique them LIVE.

There’s no guarantee you’ll be selected – but if you are, this is a priceless value and something that could instantly turn your entire business around.

Bonus #4:

You’re gonna love this. Remember the copywriter I just told you about? Well, he’s also a MASTER in creating content. He’s worked with some of the top Internet marketers and direct response companies in the world – some of whom have eight-figure businesses online – to create best-selling content.

So how is this relevant to traffic? Simple: The #1 way to get organic traffic to your site is QUALITY ORIGINAL CONTENT.

It’s such a powerful law that I’ll say it again – quality original content is one of THE best ways to get natural traffic to your site. Especially when you employ the other strategies we recommend throughout the Real World Traffic program.

In this special training, you’ll be show exactly how to write killer articles, blog posts and even how to create your own information courses that attract people to your site like bees to honey.

And it doesn’t matter if you totally suck at writing – or don’t have a clue about creating content … this one session can literally turn you into someone who can churn out profitable content – virtually on demand.

Given that his time is worth a minimum of $500 per hour … and his previous course sold for over $1200 … it’s safe to say this session is worth at least $199.

Of course, the best news of all … you won’t pay a penny for it. All these powerful money-making, money-saving resources are yours FREE as a member of the Real World Traffic program …

Try Real World Traffic TODAY for just $5!

Then After You Remain a Member, Save 40% …

What would you expect to pay for a service like this? Well, I already told you that one of our clients – who’s bottom line ballooned by well over $20,000 per month – offered us $5,000 monthly for “full access.”

And even the smaller clients in our initial test group agreed believed it would be worth at least $1,000-2,000 to be privy to all our test results, tracking and updates.

Still, that would be outside the range of most business owners and marketers.

So here’s what we are going to do: We are allowing a limited number of people to test drive the system right now for just $5. If you like it as much as we think you will – do nothing and you’ll be billed just $97 per month— a 40% savings over what anyone in the test group paid to be part of the experiment.

PLUS, and regardless of whether you remain a member, you also get all four bonus modules above valued at $896!

And what’s more, the savings keep adding up … because you’ll also lock in this special discounted rate for as long as you remain a member.

Join Real World Traffic now and watch with your own eyes each month as the cutting-edge guidance helps you grow your traffic and multiply your profits …

Crack open the exclusive video library and see just how valuable the traffic secrets inside it really are …

Join us for live, ongoing webinars and special guest experts as we do everything we can to help you crush the competition in any market …

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